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Imagine if you could find $400 dollars while walking in the street. You will be ecstatic right? How about getting money online without having to work for it?  How about having money in your paypal account where you can buy the stuff you like. Do you think it is possible? My answer to you is a big YES. There is a handful of application like paypal money adder which can only be found in few sites in the world of internet. There are billions of sites online and to be frank with you, there are only 5 sites that offer something like this which is providing you a secret method to have money in your paypal account and we are one of them. 3 of the 5 sites are private which is only a handful of people knows it, while the other one is only being use by two person. Sadly, they don’t like to share the method. They keep it for themselves. I ask my friend if I can possibly put their site here, so that more people can benefit the method. Unfortunately, they resisted in doing so.

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The other 3 sites that I mentioned which is private can only be accessed in some premium hacker forum. It is really hard to get an access there for an ordinary internet user like most you are. As far as I know, there are only two ways to enter into that secret forum:

  1. You need to be a certified  hacker
  2. If you can pay 10k dollars premium then you can get an access to it

Did I surprise you? I am pretty sure you I did. You might be thinking right now that there is no way to access that forum. Yes! that is true. That is why they have make it private.

So the biggest question right now is this — is there any chance to get into that forum? I will say forget those secret forum.  The mere fact that you are already here in our site is already a good news. Did I mention to you that we are one of those 5 sites? We are here to put a smile in your face. I know money cannot be everything, but what if you can buy some stuff you like with the money in your paypal. You might be searching online for “free money paypal” or “paypal hack” or “how to get free money on paypal” and you found our site. And with that, you are already fortunate!

How the Paypal Money Adder Works + Proof

Today is your lucky day, yes you heard it right. I know how hard it is to work for 8 to 10 hours per day just to make a few bucks. That is why we have disclose our tool to transfer free money online to any  paypal account. Here you can get as much as $400 dollars. However, we can not guarantee that each person that visits here get that much. This is because our application only response to the glitch that occurs over at paypal’s system. So if you can get $300 or $200 be happy because some people might not get that much.

Must be observe!: You can only use our  free online paypal money adder  application once a week. For example if date today is  December 12 (the day you generated a couple of bucks) then you can use it again  on Dec. 19. That is a week after your first added cash has been generated.

How to Get Paypal Money without any survey or human verification?

Answer: It is not possible for you to get that money without any survey, because without it a lot of users will be abusing it. So just take the survey and choose the easy one. You might be required either to enter your phone number, or your email address ,or you can download some application to play. Just choose which one that are easy for you to do. Just think of it that if you work offline to get a $100 dollars, then you have to work like 8 to 10 hours. Whereas if you take a survey, it would only take you like a minute or two. I am sure you don’t mind spending that  amount of time just to get the survey done. After that you get your money in your account — easy right?

How to make money online?

This is always be the question for anybody who just get fired from their jobs, or those that they don’t like their boss or somebody they are working with in the office. There are thousand of ways for anybody to make money online like doing a freelancing job, virtual assistance, graphic designer, coder, web developer and so on. But if you don’t have any of these skills set that I mentioned and you are in need of money which is quick and easy — then use our tool online, money adder no download needed.


Can I use this paypal money adder tool in my not real account?

So maybe you are you thinking that you want to use a paypal which are not your real self for this paypal money tool to get free paypal money and you would like to use a stealth account and you want to ask a question again as a noob , What is Stealth Paypal Account. I want to explain here a very basic explanation regarding it. Well basically it’s an account with different credit card like virtual credit which you can get as many you want as there are many providers online and it’s a different address and bank account. So you get me now, this is very useful for this stuff and also for doing big business online but this is not good for a country like 3rd countries.

To continue explaining before you try to get that stealth make sure you to adhere to my instruction and do it right, with that your account will going to survive for months maybe years. So follow as I have to provide details steps to do it.

First; Step Buy a good private proxy from Germany you don’t need many as I am pretty sure you only need one account to open. Why from Germany. I have like 4 stealth account already and I always use the DE quality proxies and I have never have any problem with it and its because in DE paypal don’t need for SIN (Social Insurance Number not like in America its compulsory. So If you want to create with US proxies forget it. Well all know that when it comes to money the US laws are pretty tight, the government will surely look after you. But do not be scared as our tools in here don’t get you like $3000 or more there should be limit to stay under the radar because finding the glitch in the system takes weeks do it. So for the first run of the tool if it does not go in try again.

Second: Use those proxies if you are using firefox or chrome just search this term how to use proxies in chrome or firefox then go to this website or any website where you can trace your location and you location your location go to Google and search for restaurant with that location then you can find real address and use that.

Third:You need some number for sure the support will call you, that is just for verification once you answer and prove that your real then you have no more problem with your account.


How Can I withdraw my money to my Bank Account?

Below are the simple steps to follow. I know that you are eager to have this money into your hand literally instead of buying any stuff online.

get free money using our paypal tool

Step 1: Go to “Money”on you paypal account
Step 2: Click “Add a Bank Account”and fill your banking details (make sure your bank account have some money like $5 or $10 dollars this is just for confirmation. Paypay will charge you close to 45 dollar but that money will return to you and you can see it in your account, your paypal account. Its easy right.


  1. PayPal Money Adder does work. It is amazing.
    I just cannot understand why people doubt it that it does not work because just think about it:
    • If you have software that overrides and find some glitch from PayPal why do you have to lock it, it is strictly implemented to lock it with survey so that, nobody can abuse the system.
    • They are not saying that they find billions of money from this glitches that is why if you read their article you can get a certain amount not thousands of millions. Lets us be realistic. You can’t be a millionaire with it.

    This is just from my own understanding.. thank you

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  2. thx bro it worked amazingly for me

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  3. Woow this PayPal money adder realy works I just generated $500 to my account….

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  4. I don’t want free money because working for your money is the sweetest thing in the world But since I badly need money and I have no choice to find real money quick just to meet some needs so I try to search online. It takes several minutes for me to browse until I found this site. So what I did I read some comments and I see some that posted a screenshot of the money they received. So what I did I use the tool and after all the process I check my paypal and oh boy I cannot believe what I saw, in my account its $250. Thank you so much..

    P.S why I only received $250 and not $500 like the other.. I hope you can answer me admin.

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    • If you read my post above you will understand why you are only receiving that amount.. please read .. thank you…

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  5. Wooow thank you so much this software is awesome ….

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  6. Fuck cant believe this so happy right now i put a screenshot of what i have receive using your paypal tool, i delete my name for security reason.. thank you so much for this. Though this is not much that i have received but still very happy .

    free paypal money  online

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