About Me

Hi everyone and welcome to my webiste – P3speed.com. I am, Jake, also known as “jakeofalltrades”. As my nickname imply, I know a lot of things. One of which is programming and internet security. With those things, I am good at spotting flaws in the world of internet especially to those websites that involve some sort of transaction like Paypal. Back in 2012, I made this tool for personal use –paypal money adder. This was a product of discovering a way to exploit the security of their system. However, I did not released to the public. It was more just for the purpose of learning. However, just recently, I released it to the public but for a limited time only. It is a work in progress for now with all those updates that are taken as measures by paypal. And with that, please do read the “Disclamer” page before using the tool.