Congratulations, you are a few steps away in using our tool. This is the part where you need to read the instructions first before you proceed towards adding the amount of cash in your account. So the instructions are as follows:


  1. Click on the Generate now button.
  2. Browser over the generator
  3. Enter the your email (you are using in your paypal). Passwords are not required.
  4. Select the desired secure server of your choice and proceed
  5. Select the amount of cash you want to generate
  6. Wait for a couple of minutes (2-3 mins)
  7. Proceed with the survey when asked to
  8. Login to your Paypal account
  9. Enjoy!

Note: Sometimes, the generation takes a little longer. So, when you check your account and see that the cash hasn’t been added yet. Please wait for couple of minutes more, or sometimes hours, and check again to see the generated cash in it. If you have problem, please do not hesitate to contact us.