Get a PayPal Account Without Using Any Credit Cards

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PayPal is an electronic business that allows money transfers and payments by the means of internet. It also serves as an alternative to the traditional paper methods like money orders and checks. This services makes people more convenient to sell or purchase goods or even services for their online business. If you are a business owner, PayPal also is pleased to offer their special account type which enables you to send your customers the invoices and you will be able to receive your payment through your own website. The good thing is, you don’t need to provide your credit card number to be able to register for a business account. Yet, you still need to link your bank account information so that they can authenticate your business account.

How to Create an Account

1. Look for the Paypal “Sign Up” page and then click “Get Started” for Nonprofits or Business box.
2. Take time to read the variations between the 3 business account the PayPal has offered. The PayPal Standard Plan is totally and enables you to accept ccredit card and PayPal payments through your website. Click the “Get Started” button or “Apply Now”.
3. Then click “Create a new account” button a couple times prior to getting the sign-up form.
4. Choose a business type like partnership or individual.
5. Then provide an email address and of coarse, a password (you can create a longer password as much as twenty characters long).
6. There are some questions provided but you only have to choose 2 security questions that you have to answer. This method is made to help you restore your account in case you have forgotten your password.
7. There are images shown which you have to type in the “Enter the code” field before you can click the “Continue” button.
8. Create and enter any name ( it could be your name or your business name) you want to be shown on the clients payment pages.
9.Then provide a date when you started your business. You can also provide your website URL, ( if you have) in the website URL field.
10. Choose a category of your business or types of the product that you are selling. You also have to answer some questions regarding you’re the amount of your average transaction the volume of your monthly payment.
11. Then enter your complete name, mobile number as well as current physical address then click “Agree and Continue” prior to creating your account.
12. Check your email inbox then look for an email sent by PayPal and click the link provided by them and finally, go back to the PayPal website then verify your account.
How Link Your Bank Account
1. Go to “Profile” button and then click “Update Bank Account.”
2. Choose you type of account such as savings account or checking account then enter your bank account number and 9-digit routing number in the required field then click “Continue”. Finally, you already have your bank account linked right to your PayPal account.

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