Other Payment Processor Alternative to Paypal

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If you do not know there is already countless payment processor you can use online but still Paypal dominates them all, the only downside is that paypal cut big of your money.

Below is the list of other Payment Processor:


Location Waltham, Massachusetts, One of the best alternative to paypal, though you do not hear this company but it’s a legit one. And I will explain to you what this company could do.

They have been on the internet for longer time and they are really good at what they do. When it comes to payments, Bluesnap rocks for their hospitality toward their clients. It provides service according to what they have promise. And they have clients anywhere in the world. And here’s what I really like with this company, they offer online chat support to their client instead of calling them. If you are in front of your computer or phone that needs to call them when you can chat with them and they are very accommodating. If you a business online like selling digital goods,videos, ebooks or services this is perfect Their IPN feature is very easy to put into your site.


It’s already widely use payment and deposit gateway now especially for internet marketer online. If they want to hide their Identity online then this is the best option, its really fast and affordable. Note this company is from India. You can deposit your money to your bank using it and you can also.


Also become one of the most popular alternative to the paypal, this company also works whenever which country paypal works . I guess lots of alternative wanted to compete with paypal. I love paypal really that much for me it’s the most secured gateway for your money.


This is also a good company for online transaction but only on limited countres like US, Australia, Ireland, Canada or UK. If you are tired using it, then perhaps you can try this one. Its one of the fastest secure flatform to use on any of your transaction online, either you want to pay or to windraw I remember one time when I pay for certain stuff ( I don’t want to specifically mentioned here what I buy online)

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